Scrap Connection is now Tradefox

Introducing Tradefox. The future of safe trading. We're updating our name because we're growing, and so are the ways we help you find reliable trading partners. Our database is now the largest in the recycling industry — over 110,000 companies, all waiting for you. Find your next trading partner in paper, plastics, e-scrap, non-ferrous, and …

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Your experience matters – review your trades on Tradefox

It only takes one bad actor to cause problems for countless reputable companies. We've been working hard at Tradefox to help those who do business the right way, call out those who harm our entire industry. Today, we're proud to launch Trade Reviews on Tradefox. Review a trade you've participated in, and you'll not only …

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Aussie in Trouble: Real Stories from our Industry

I run a scrap operation in Australia. We were working with a broker a few years ago who was helping us expand into the Pakistani market. We always ship our loads direct so we can have more control over the sales process and make sure we know the end user. It’s part of our standard process to avoid problems we’ve had in the past with some of the traders who operate locally.