Using Tech To Win In ‘The Wild West Of Recyclables’

Using Tech To Win In ‘The Wild West Of Recyclables’

As so many of us know, the recyclables business is highly lucrative. Where there’s such huge sums of money to be made, and given the fact so many deals are made remotely, the international recycling industry continues to a breeding ground for fraudsters – to the point that legitimate sellers are increasingly difficult to pinpoint. …

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Fall 2020 Virtual Recycling Conference – organized by Tradefox 29-30 September

We are happy to announce the first Virtual Conference for the Global Trade of Recyclables. We would love for you to join us for the Fall 2020 Edition on September 29th & 30th.  You will be able to attend keynote presentation, converse in round table discussion on industry topics with your peers and arrange one-on-one meetings based …

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Tradefox Product Demo Video Launch

The global trade of recyclables experiences substantial friction due to the threat of losses during each transaction. With every new trade, buyers and sellers face the possibility of cancelled contracts, failure to ship, un-collectible quality claims and in some instances outright fraud. The unfair trading practices can occur on the first deal or the 10th …

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Scrap Connection is now Tradefox

Introducing Tradefox. The future of safe trading. We're updating our name because we're growing, and so are the ways we help you find reliable trading partners. Our database is now the largest in the recycling industry — over 110,000 companies, all waiting for you. Find your next trading partner in paper, plastics, e-scrap, non-ferrous, and …

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Aussie in Trouble: Real Stories from our Industry

I run a scrap operation in Australia. We were working with a broker a few years ago who was helping us expand into the Pakistani market. We always ship our loads direct so we can have more control over the sales process and make sure we know the end user. It’s part of our standard process to avoid problems we’ve had in the past with some of the traders who operate locally.