Virtual Recycling Conference To Boost Post-COVID Trading Confidence

As part of ongoing efforts to boost trust and reduce fraud in the global recycling business, and to help kickstart trade post-COVID 19, Amsterdam-based Tradefox is holding its first ever Virtual Recycling Conference – on September 29 and 30, 2020. Every year, the global recyclables community travels to conferences like ISRI, BIR, and MRAI, to […]

Are Suppliers and Traders Cheating To Compete?

Corporate fraud is a significant concern in today’s business world. And in the global trade of recyclables, it’s no different. That’s why it’s essential to protect the integrity of markets, like scrap metal, plastics and paper, by calling out those who falsify information for sheer greed. Given that there are so many people involved in […]

A Handshake Isn’t Enough

We all like to think we’re a pretty good judge of character. But when thousands of dollars (or more!) are at stake, some reassurance would help – particularly in the international trade of recyclables where there are so many liabilities. A ‘gut feeling’ can’t be trusted like it once was. And in times like these […]

Using Tech To Win In ‘The Wild West Of Recyclables’

As so many of us know, the recyclables business is highly lucrative. Where there’s such huge sums of money to be made, and given the fact so many deals are made remotely, the international recycling industry continues to a breeding ground for fraudsters – to the point that legitimate sellers are increasingly difficult to pinpoint. […]

Scrap Connection is now Tradefox

Introducing Tradefox. The future of safe trading. We’re updating our name because we’re growing, and so are the ways we help you find reliable trading partners. Our database is now the largest in the recycling industry — over 110,000 companies, all waiting for you. Find your next trading partner in paper, plastics, e-scrap, non-ferrous, and […]

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