The Virtual Recycling Networking Conference From Tradefox: Keeping The Recycling Industry Connected

The upcoming event runs from 12th to 14th October 2021. Looking to exceed previous conference success, the Tradefox founder says digital networking is “set to stay”.

Amsterdam, NL – September 1, 2021

The third Virtual Recycling Conference from Tradefox is scheduled for this October, bringing together trusted recyclables traders, buyers, and logistics experts from around the world. 

Organized by the Amsterdam-based business intelligence platform, the three-day event is designed to connect verified professionals. And this year’s event is focused on networking.

Hosted online via Tradefox’s secure conference platform, attendees will be offered an array of virtual networking opportunities: including 9 keynote sessions, 9 roundtable discussions, and 9 one-on-one sessions.

The platform provides an outline of each company, their location, and what they’ve traded in the past. It also shares comments from previous trading partners and the wider industry.

With Tradefox at their fingertips, attendees will be able to decide which traders to one-to-one with, using the extensive information available from the platform.   

This conference provides a unique level of insight into trends, with expert advice from leading industry insiders. Attendees can connect with speakers as well as the other 250 attendees. 

An industry-leading event, there is no comparable conference in the recycling industry with this level of access and insight. 

A Refreshing Change For Recyclables 

Tradefox founder, Chris Yerbey, was looking for a reliable way to find new trading partners, when he discovered there was no platform tracking companies’ trading reputations – so he created one himself.

Today, with just over 140,000 companies, Tradefox has become the go-to recyclables’ business intelligence platform. It provides recyclables industry professionals with independently-verified information about the reputations of buyers and sellers. 

And as the largest online networking event for the professional global trading of recyclables, the Tradefox Virtual Networking Conference is looking to sustainably build on previous successes:

“It’s arguably even more useful for traders, as they have the opportunity to meet exactly who they want – safe in the knowledge that they too are trusted professionals,” said Chris Yerbey.

With events like these set to be the ‘new normal’ for international recyclables traders, Chris Yerbey and Tradefox remain ahead of the curve.

“Digital networking is here to stay,” he said. “While the pandemic forced all of us to seek out new ways to meet new business partners virtually, the fact is – even as the world starts to open up to international travel again – networking in this way is a lot more time- and cost-effective.”

Whether you need industry insight, actionable tips from top industry experts, or connections with new reliable trading partners, you can register for the Tradefox Virtual Networking Conference online, or contact Chris Yerbey at Tradefox to find out more.

The free event takes place on 12, 13, and 14 October 2021.