The Best Recycling Conference for Networking

The Third Tradefox Virtual Networking Conference was a great success. The goal of the recycling conference is to ensure that our members find their next reliable trading partner. With over 300+ attendees, our 3 day conference was filled with keynote sessions, interactive roundtable discussions and over 125 one-on-one meetings scheduled. Attendees rated the conference a 4.5 out of 5 and made an average of 2 new business connections.

The event kicked-off by the Tradefox CEO, Chris Yerbey who gave an interesting keynote on the future of business reputation management in recyclables. This was followed by an interview with United Metals Recycling owner and Scrap life Podcast host Brett Ekart on how businesses can leverage digital platforms to promote their business. This has turned into the first episode of the Tradefox Podcast! Anupa Pradhan at Sealink gave a talk on something that has been affecting almost everyone in the scrap industry; the crazy world of shipping. There is so much valuable content, it can’t be cramped into a blogpost. But here are some highlights of the three segments of the recycling conference.

Keynote sessions

We listened to 9 keynote speakers that gave a unique level of insight into trends with expert advice from leading industry insiders such as Scott Pollan at Zaner Precious Metals on price hedging in the scrap industry, Divyani Pathak on the digitalization of the global trade of recyclables and Terry Chuay at Argus Media on a futures contract for the Asian scrap market. 

After their session our speakers engaged in a live Q&A with our attendees leaving no questions unanswered. For any attendee that missed any of the sessions, each keynote presentation is recorded and added to our video blog.

Roundtable discussions 

Attendees engaged in informative roundtable discussions with our roundtable hosts where they introduced an industry topic and opened discussions around this topic and their experiences. Our roundtable discussions include topics that can be found in various categories ranging from securing contracts in international trade, as by Yulya Buravcenko, the effect of the pandemic on recycling business by Sarthak Gupta, and what factors are driving freight rates by Sean Davidson. 

After the talks, everyone walked away a little bit smarter, having learned from the discussions.

One-on-one meetings: 

Now this is what the whole recycling conference is about; making new business connections. 125 one-on-one meetings were scheduled and almost everyone made a new business connection. All attendees were in one meeting room together and then were put into breakout rooms with their potential new business connection. 

Using the extensive information through the platform, attendees were able to decide which trading partners they would like to meet with. The attendees received a schedule of who they were meeting with in advance and met with their requested trading partners through 15 minute one-on-one meetings where they could discuss potential new business opportunities during the recycling conference. 

With over 300+ attendees, 125 one-on-one meetings scheduled and over 50 new business contacts made, the conference ended with a bang. We will be back for the Winter edition in January 2022.