Virtual Recycling Conference To Boost Post-COVID Trading Confidence

  • Trusted online trading community, Tradefox, holding first ever digital recyclables conference
  • Expert speaker panel combined with numerous networking opportunities
  • Online conference offers combination of transparency, trust, cost savings, and accessibility

As part of ongoing efforts to boost trust and reduce fraud in the global recycling business, and to help kickstart trade post-COVID 19, Amsterdam-based Tradefox is holding its first ever Virtual Recycling Conference – on September 29 and 30, 2020.

Every year, the global recyclables community travels to conferences like ISRI, BIR, and MRAI, to learn the very latest developments in the industry and to meet new trading partners from across the globe. While the opportunity to do so has been greatly reduced this year, online conferences continue to provide a reliable alternative.

That’s the thinking behind Tradefox’s upcoming event. However, as anyone in the trade knows, there’s an enormous need for transparency and trust in recyclables – which is why by holding the conference on Tradefox’s platform, those attending can be assured that they’ll only be dealing with honest and verified buyers, sellers, importers, exporters, and brokers.

Track Record Of Trust

Tradefox was founded by industry veteran, Chris Yerbey, after his continued frustration – and bad experiences as a trader – with unscrupulous buyers and sellers of recyclables.

When looking for a reliable way to find new trading partners, he soon realized there was no platform tracking companies’ trading reputations – so he created one himself. Today, with just over 3,800 members – more than any other industry trade association – Tradefox has become the go-to platform for scrap importers and exporters.

Tradefox provides something you just can’t find elsewhere: independently-verified reputational information about how scrap buyers and sellers trade.

Through transparency and information sharing, Tradefox’s community members actively demonstrate they can be trusted – as they’re prepared to open themselves to evaluation.

According to founder, Chris Yerbey, offering this level of transparency in a virtual conference environment is one of the safest and most cost-effective ways of doing business. In fact, he believes that virtual conferences might become the new normal.

“At in-person conferences, most people meet with 12 – 20 people each day – but only two or three of them may be useful leads,” he says. “What we’re offering is the ability to screen other participants first based on materials, location and their company’s TrustScore, reach out to them directly beforehand, and set up more meaningful meetings with trustworthy industry professionals.”

“In addition to this, the virtual conference environment mitigates the cost of travel, accommodation, conference tickets, and a whole host of other expenses associated with attending an industry event. For professionals in our industry, it’s a win-win.”

Fully Immersive Online Event

A fully immersive and interactive event, the Virtual Recycling Conference will be held live online this September 29th and 30th.

The admission price is just €100 – €200, and all attendees will get free access to Tradefox – giving them an opportunity to review Trade Reputation Reports of every company they’re connecting with or want to trade with.

In addition to virtual breakout rooms and networking opportunities, there is an exciting lineup of keynote speakers from across the recycling industry, and a number of informative roundtable discussions. All hosted using embedded video right on the Tradefox website.

To register to attend the Virtual Recycling Conference, head over to